Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Scientology Churches—Works of Art

I have been so impressed by the new Scientology Churches I've visited. A few years ago David Miscavige announced the campaign to create Ideal Scientology Orgs (churches) wherever there are Scientology churches now. And while we have been creating these one at a time over the past few years, they are popping like mad now.

In the past three weeks David Miscavige officiated at the grand openings of three Scientology churches: Mexico, Pasadena and Seattle.

I've toured the new orgs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Pasadena recently and they really are works of art. First, they are designed to carry the motif of the city. For example in LA the church is totally art deco, and every element in it carries that through, such as the Office for L. Ron Hubbard which looks like it came out of the heyday of Hollywood.

Here's another touch -- in Las Vegas there are orchids throughout the org, everywhere you look there is some beautiful touch like that. In Los Angeles its rhododendrons. And in Pasadena, of course, roses.

But what this all means is you can walk in there and go "ahhhhh." You leave the hectic, frenetic world outside and inside is the legendary friendliness of the Scientology staff and service par excellence with the new facilities, and, best of all, L. Ron Hubbard's tech.

It's amazing to me how every time I study something by LRH he's talking right to me. I'm not being delusional about this (and I certainly don't mean I think Ron is at my elbow whispering in my ear). What I mean is that no matter what I'm running into, at work, in relationships, about myself, etc.--I turn on an LRH lecture and get what I need to fix it, or pull out of it, or dive into it, or make it work... whatever I needed is there.

If you've never experienced that yourself, now's the best time. Go into a Church of Mission and check out the new services they have for people new to Scientology.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scientology Church Opens in Mexico City--Secretary of Tourism Speaks.

(Courtesy of Google Translate:)
The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Alejandro Rojas Diaz-Duran, said that Mexico City is the largest recipient of religious tourists, because in it are the major ceremonial centers of the different churches in the world.

Interviewed at the end of the opening of the Church of Scientology, located at the corner of Balderas and Avenida Juarez, the Mexican official said that such acts shows that Mexico City does not suffer from crime or lack of security given elsewhere.

He added that there are some specific parts of the country that have drug problems and insecurity, but that does not mean that the whole country suffers the scourge.

Díaz-Durán Rojas mentioned that this situation must change and we welcome all proposals to do so.

"We are confident that Mexico will contribute positively to Scientology go spreading the fundamental values of humanism, for youth, children and adults of all races, all creeds, of all social conditions, build a new civilization of peace and prosperity without criminals, without violence and drugs, "said local official.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I found this magical photo on the NY Times, in an article called Dueling Troupes (and Choreographers)

It's a photo of David Hallberg in American Ballet Theater’s staging of “Swan Lake.”

Now if you thought that was breathtaking, how about this:

That's Sara Mearns as Odette-Odile in New York City Ballet’s production of “Swan Lake.” And if THAT didn't impress the hell out of you, try this:

Need I say more?

L. Ron Hubbard - Artist